Preprints and Manuscripts Under Review

  1. Xinyi Deng, Shizhe Chen, Marielena Sosa, Mattias Karlsson, Xue-Xin Wei, and Loren Frank. (under review; bioRxiv) A variable clock underlies internally generated hippocampal sequences.
  2. Hao Chen, Shizhe Chen, and Xinyi Deng. (under review; bioRxiv) A universal nonparametric event detection framework for Neuropixels data.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Xinyi Deng, Daniel Liu, Mattias Karlsson, Loren Frank, and Uri Eden. (2016) Rapid classification of hippocampal replay content for real-time applications. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(5), 2221–2235.
  2. Xinyi Deng, Daniel Liu, Kenneth Kay, Loren Frank, and Uri Eden. (2015) Clusterless decoding of position from multiunit activity using a marked point process filter. Neural Computation, 27(7), 1438–1460.
  3. Xinyi Deng, Emad Eskandar, and Uri Eden. (2013) A point process approach to identifying and tracking transitions in neural spiking dynamics in the subthalamic nucleus of Parkinson’s patients. Chaos, 23(4), 046102.
  4. Natalia Prado-Oviedo, Elizabeth Malloy, Xinyi Deng, and Janine Brown. (2013) Hyperprolactinemia is not associated with hyperestrogenism in noncycling African elephants (Loxodonta africana). General and Comparative Endocrinology, 189, 7–14.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

  1. Xinyi Deng, Rose Faghih, Riccardo Barbieri, Angelique Paulk, Wael Asaad, Emery Brown, Darin Dougherty, Alik Widge, Emad Eskandar, and Uri Eden. (2015) Estimating a dynamic state to relate neural spiking activity to behavioral signals during cognitive tasks. Proceedings of the 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (pp. 7808–7813). Milan, Italy.

Patents and Patent Applications

  1. Alik Widge, Emad Eskandar, Darin Dougherty, Uri Eden, Xinyi Deng, Ali Yousefi, and Angelique Paulk. System and methods for monitoring and improving cognitive exibility. Application number US 15/740975. Published on July 12, 2018.